Terms & Conditions

Holding Policy:

-We have no problem holding an animal(s) for up to one week~exceptions are if shipping is delayed from
holiday's, extreme weather or differing schedules~

-Your holding deposit does go to the total cost of your animal(s) at time of purchase!

-A 20% non-refundable deposit is required. If we receive your deposit and hold the animal(s) for one
week and you change your mind and do not wish to purchase the animal(s) any longer we WILL NOT
refund you your holding deposit. We would be happy to apply it to the purchase of another animal(s) but
would not hold any further animal(s) so credit towards different purchase would have to be done
Health Guarantee:

-We guarantee the health of all the dragons we offer. That they are well established eaters. This also means
that the animal(s) will be free of parasites and diseases etc... If the animal(s) does not meet with these
conditions you must notify us within 2 hours of arrival and acquire proof from a veterinarian
. Once the
condition of the animal(s) is verified we will either replace the animal(s) with a comparable animal(s) of
the same type and sex or provide a refund in full of the animal(s).

-All orders must be prepaid in full before shipping.

-Orders are shipped via FedEx Next day.

-We ship Monday -

-We DO NOT ship:
Nov. 19th- Dec.1st (Thanksgiving)
Dec. 15th- Jan. 5th (Christmas/New Years)

-Shipping Cost: When contacting us about a dragon you would like to purchase please include your Zip
Code and City name so that we can give you an up-to-date shipping quote/price. Shipping can vary
depending on where you are located. The shipping package includ
es: Heat/Ice Pack (if needed), Care Sheet
(if requested), Receipt, card and Insulation.
Shipping Policy:

-We use styrofoam insulated boxes(filled with styrofoam peanuts or newspaper) and 40-hour heat packs or
cold packs(if needed)
. 24 hours live arrival guarantee at first delivery attempt! DOA's(Dead On Arrival)
must be reported with pictures within 2 hours and reported via telephone (561)308-8674. Please do not
wait longer than 2 hours to report; otherwise we cannot honor your claim. We assume no liability for
carrier loss or mishandling.

-Shipping on
Fridays is only done at the customers request when another day will not work but we will not
guarentee live arrival if Fedex is delayed
and dragon(s) are not delivered next day(this is the reason we do
not ship
Fridays and advise to ship another day or have package held at main Hub). NO guarantee on
shipments sent to extreme temperature locations.(below 40 degrees and above 90 degrees). We hold the
right to refuse returns for other reasons besides DOA(ex. buyer's remorse, etc..)
Buyer's Remorse:

-We DO NOT HAVE a buyer's remorse return policy! We do not think that an animal(s) should be shipped
and stressed just to have the buyer get buyer's remorse and stress out the animal(s) further by shipping it
back. Also we do not know how customers keep their animals and once it is in another collection we have
no idea what it may come in contact with(parasites/contagious diseases
/mites/virus's etc...). We love all or
animals and would not want to except something back that may cause problems in our collection.
. Please
make sure you want what you buy!

-We accept all forms of payment through Paypal. Please DO NOT send payment through Paypal before
calling or e-mail
ing us to confirm that the dragon you are interested in is still available.