About Us
We are private hobby breeders of many different species of Bearded
Dragons which include-Pogona Vitticeps(inland dragons or common
Bearded Dragon), Rankin's Dragons(Pogona Henrylawsoni), Pogona
& Pogona Minor Minor. We are located in the West Palm
Beach area in sunny south Florida! We have been caring
for and
breeding dragons since 2004!
We have a Class III License to sell an
exhibit non-venomous reptiles in the state of Florida. We have
collected our stock from many reputable breeders
from all over the
world as well as many private quality breeders like ourselves. We
only breed the very best in color, size, and heartiness. When we have
eggs laid by a pair we will post that information on the "Available"
page as well as our FaceBook page. There you will find more
information on the parents or expected babies. Please keep checking
back with us as we update our site & post/check our FaceBook page
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